Facial Services

CLASSIC FACIAL                                      $45

A relaxing, refreshing 45 minute facial. Includes foaming cleanse, exfoliation, nourishing  mask, hot towel steam, pressure point massage and UV protectant finish. This facial is gentle and does not include extractions.

DELUXE FACIAL                                      $60

A luxurious, hour long facial. Includes double cleanse, enzyme and sonic brush exfoliation. Hot towel steam, vitamin infused mask, and pressure point facial massage. Completed with a deep healing serum, and UV protectant moisturizer. You will leave glowing, and feeling truly pampered!

CUSTOMIZED FACIAL                      $75   BEST OPTION!!

A skin condition specific, Deluxe Facial (as detailed above), with individualized skin type customization and resurfacing. This is a deeper skin conditioning, and corrective treatment. Included in this facial are collagen enhancing, peptide rich additions. This treatment also includes comodone extraction, and an active fruit enzymes exfolliant, which will create amazing resurfacing results.  Hot towel pressure point  foot treatment and cranial massage are also included in this one of a kind treatment!

Your unique customizarion options are:

Hydration - Deep moisture repair is the focus of this treatment. This customization utilizes hyaluronic acid and aloe based products, combined with effective resurfacing to revitalize dehydrated skin. You will leave with a dewy and refreshed glow. 

* Acneic - Includes a thorough double cleanse, first being a purifying orange blossom, followed by a second with a soothing lavender base. kaolin,  charcoal purification mask, and enzyme exfoliation, all work together to create this deeply purifying facial. Pure, Organic ingredients focus on soothing inflammation and removing impurities.

Anti-aging This customization focuses on nourishing, hydrating, and resurfacing to combat free radical damage and discoloration due to hormones and stress. High absorption vitamin C, peptide rich mask, hyaluronic acid hydration and extra nourishing moisturizer, work together to turn back the hands of time. Your skin will be more even toned and radiate health.          

Each customization is designed to address your skin's unique needs.  Mild resurfacing is included with this treatment; however, it can be slightly intense to those with sensitive skin. The enzyme resurfacing agents can be omitted at your request.

Resurfacing additions give your skin that extra boost that will reveal the beautiful, fresh glow hiding beneath


PEEL ADDITION               $25 add on to any facial 

Added Glycolic, Lactic or Salicylic acid peel addition.  Ideal for those who want heavier resurfacing 

This addition is a more maintenance intensive treatment .Your skin care therapist will have specific after care instructions that need to be followed to help achieve the best results. After care is very important and some mild peeling and temporary irritation may occur, as your skin resurfaces.

* For heavier resurfacing treatments, a series of at least 4 peels is recommended. These should be spaced several weeks apart, to allow ideal healing time.


for a more complete resurfacing treatment. 

4 Customized facials with up to 3 peel additions package  for  $185 

Thats only $46 per facial, including peels! (You  get A HUGE DISCOUNT with this package!)

This package is designed to be used within a 4 month period. 

 Up to 3 peel additions are determined by each clients unique resurfacing needs.

BACK FACIAL                      $55

This is a deeply relaxing, hour long  treatment. This customized back treatment is for those who are prone to back acne and problem skin. This special treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation and deep pore cleansing. Using a cooling gel specially formulated from natural, healing herbs, the back will be cleansed and toned, and treated with a custom blended mask. Your skin will emerge noticeably clearer and more vibrant.

Skin specific back treatment (Anti aging, Deep moisture or Acneic) 

Full hour treatment including extractions (only $15 add on) 

Angel Feet Treatment   $45

& Massage   

This amazing treatment focuses on pampering your feet and helping you unwind! 

The luxurious Angel Feet Treatment is designed to deeply cleanse, exfoliate  and moisturize your feet, all while receiving a professional, stress relieving pressure point foot massage. The treatment utilizes enzymes that will work to dissolve the dead, calloused skin and make your feet feel silky and new. 

GREAT as a SEASONAL treatment, or when you just need a little extra relaxation 

(Also makes a fantastic GIFT!)


Hot towel pressure point arm and hand massage  $15.oo          
Hot towel pressure point foot massage  $15.oo
Customized aromatherapy    $10.oo 

Deep cranial pressure point massage   $10.oo

Skin specific, Aromatherapy infused, coconut oil based body scrub  $ 15.oo

Specialty, hand blended mask  $10.00

Detox foot bath and reflexology massage $25.00


Collegen boosting Bee Venom and Manuka Honey mask! 

This is an INTENSE treatment!   

$15.00 add on